Check-in and check-out time

Check-in time    : 15:00-24:00 
Check-out time : 10:00  




Payment is cash or Credit card.
JPY 4,500~/ 1 person/ per night/



About common equipment and service

The bathhouse

You can use public buthhouse facilities on the 5th floor of this building.
There are bath towels, shampoo, body soap, razors and hair dryers provided for you.
OPEN 17:00-24:00.



Shower room

You can use the shower room facilities on the 5th floor of this building.
OPEN 6:00-9:00 , 17:00-24:00.



Internet connection

The whole building is equipped with wifi.

Parking lot and bicycle parking lot

There is no parking lot available, so please use a near coin parking, if you need to park a motorcycle or a bicycle.


You can rent a bicycle at the Hotarugaike Station. 
Please contact the personnel at the Hotarugaike Station.



Available facilities

  • Bathroom
  • Shampoo and hair conditioner
  • Hair dryer
  • Refrigerator 
  • TV
  • Toilet
  • WiFi connection
  • Hangers



Our guest house is located near “Hotarugaike” station (Hankyu Railway / Osaka monorail) only 1 minute walk away from the station.

For the Osaka International Airport (Itami airport) – Use Osaka monorail
For the Kansai Airport- Use limousine bus
For Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe – Use the Hankyu Railway.

You can print  the map from here.

From Osaka(ITM-Itami) Airport


Adult fare ¥200 (Child ¥100) from Osaka Airport Station to Hotarugaike Station.


How to get to the hotel from Osaka(ITM-Itami) Airport.


【1】At Osaka Airport Station. Leave the terminal building and go to the connecting bridge to “Osaka Airport Station” of  Osaka Monorail (Approx. 3 mins.)


【2】Take the monorail to the next station “Hotarugaike“.(Fare:200yen)



【3】Leave through the ticket gate, and turn right to the connection bridge.
(No time break)


【4】Turn right on the connection bridge, and go through the Hankyu entrance gate towards East Gate. (Approx 5 sec.) 


【5】Descend to the first floor using the elevator.


【6】Get off the elevator and walk southward. You can see the railway to your right and the road to your left. 


【7】Cross the road. You can see our hotel nearby on the left.


【8】Please enter from here and come to the front desk on the 4th floor



From Kansai Int’l (KIX) Airport

関西国際空港からのアクセスKansai Int’l Airport → Hankyu Hotarugaike Station Adult \1,950 (Child \980) 
Round Trip Ticket \3,500
 (Notice: Round Trip Ticket is valid 14 days from the date of purchase.)

General Information +81-6-6844-1124 or +81-724-61-1374